Finding the location of a speeding ticket

As a user of the English version of the Abu Dhabi police website, you may never have noticed that you can actually find out the location of the speed camera that busted you! However on the Arabic version of the site you can see the location.

To find the location from the site following the simple guide below:

– Login to and click “Check for Fines”
– Click “Click to pay fines” which will take you to the Abu Dhabi police site
– Click the menu button at the top right, on the right of “Contact Us”, this will take you to the Arabic version of the site
– To see the details of a particular ticket, click the “التفاصيل” link on the left hand side, this will open a new window
– On the right hand side you will see “الموقع” (Site in Arabic) on the left hand side of that you will see the location in Arabic, you simply need to translate this into English to see the location

Translation Options:
– Use Google Chrome, it will detect the language as Arabic and offer to translate it for you automatically
– Use just copy and paste the Arabic location into the form and it will automatically translate

This will soon be integrated into the site. However until then this is a great way to find the location of your ticket and hopefully start reducing the number of tickets you get!

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    Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for tanikg the time.

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